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Introducing PAT

PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing to use it's full title has been a legal requirement for all businesses since 1989.

All electrical equipment from a battery to a power generating station are included in Electricity at work Regulations, but PAT testers usually only test appliances operating at above 50 Volts. Electrical safety testing is essential since every year there are over 1000 accidents at work involving electrical appliances. So do not risk injury/loss to your employees and consequences of court action by failing to keep upto date with your PAT testing electrical safety checks.

Electrical equipment must be maintained, only way to know if maintenance required is to test electrical equipment, therefore electrical safety PAT testing at regular time intervals using a PAT tester machine is essential to comply with Electricity at Work Regulations. Additionally your Insurance company may refuse cover if your premises PAT test certificate isn't upto date.

Whatever your field of business including the self employed, if you use electrical equipment then Day & Night PAT Testing can pat test the equipment to ensure safety of your employees and public on your premises.

What is involved in PAT testing?
A fully qualified pat test engineer will visit your premises to inspect every item of electrical equipment including items not in use. So our pat tester engineer will require access to all areas, where equipment maybe tucked away in cupboards. A full register of equipment is prepared and results of testing recorded, each item of electrical equipment must be unplugged to allow full PAT testing, typically testing takes just minutes per item. Following onsite work we aim to send the pat test certificate & results within 2 working days.

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