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Environmental policy

Day & Night PAT Testing is an electrical testing company, working with clients in Home Counties and London region helping clients maintain safety, reduce risks from electrical equipment.

Day & Night PAT Testing is a professional and environmentally conscious company, which acknowledges the impact that its operations may potentially have on the environment.
Day & Night PAT Testing is committed to reduce its environmental impact by a program of continual environmental improvement.
To minimise any impact on the environment Day & Night PAT Testing have set following objectives:

Active environmental policies

To ensure compliance with all legal and other requirements.

To reduce and where possible recycle waste.

Monitor and reduce carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency.

Take action to prevent or minimise environmental pollution.

Wherever possible work in partnership with local businesses, under the slogan ‘Keep it Local’ to reduce travel miles.

Promote environmental awareness amongst staff/clients/contacts.

Work with other businesses to help them to reduce their carbon emissions.

Review environmental performance and set targets on an annual basis.

Day & Night PAT Testing is a member of the Environmental-Population an environmental communication and information portal organisation and regularly send a representative to meetings of the network.

This environmental policy will be distributed to all staff and is openly available to all members of the public.

To avoid expensive
downtime, we can
work outside normal
business hours –
at no extra cost


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